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Should these tight pants be banned in schools that say "Miss Sexy" on them??

I don't think the pants are that tight on the right? But, I don't like "Miss Sexy" on them either. So, I don't blame the headmaster for having to ban them.

Headmaster bans girl pupils from wearing too-tight 'Miss Sexy' school trousers


Too tight for school? Alex Dalby Bristol models the ''Miss Sexy' trousers

A headmaster has sparked anger among parents by banning girl pupils from wearing tight-fitting trousers.

David New instituted a uniform crackdown at Nailsea School near Bristol when an increasing number of teenagers began wearing 'Miss Sexy' branded garments.

He claims they are unsuitable because they leave a visible underwear line and feature unneccessary zips and buckles.

The headmaster has already sent several pupils home for wearing them and is teaching persistent 'offenders' in isolation.

But some parents are refusing to spend £16.99 on the new 'official' trousers, claiming they are almost identical to the old ones.

Jane Dalby, 49, and her husband John, 54, have been told by letter that their 14-year-old daughter, Alex, will be sent home if she doesn't change.

Mrs Dalby said: 'These trousers have been fine for the last three years and my daughter looks very smart wearing them.

'I'm fully supportive of the school and I'm not trying to be awkward but I really don't see what's wrong with them.

'The ones from the school shop don't fit properly because they have longer legs. The new rules really are over the top.

'She was sent home with a piece of paper telling us she would be sent home if she didn't change her trousers.

'Around 80 per cent of the girls are wearing these trousers so it has become a very big issue amongst parents.

'One girl was actually sent home for wearing them.'

Mother-of-one Jacqui Burton said: 'This is bureaucracy gone mad. I think my daughter looks very smart in her trousers so why should we have to buy more trousers she doesn't need?'

Nailsea School relocated to new £32million premises during the summer holidays and the move was accompanied by a uniform switch.

The 1,350 pupils were told that they must change their old navy blue jumpers for black ones and also ensure they wear 'black trousers'.

However, since the new school year began in September many schoolgirls have got into trouble for wearing Miss Sexy trousers.

Teachers claim the £9.99 trousers are inappropriate because they are tighter fitting, have bronze buttons and carry a brand label.

But parents who are refusing to buy the regulation trousers have responded by clipping labels and colouring the buttons black.

Christine Bartlett, 41, revealed her daughter Abby, 13, spent two hours in the headteacher's office on the first morning of term.

He allegedly claimed that her trousers were 'unacceptable' and 'too tight'.


Abby Bartlett 13 from Nailsea (left) wears the 'Miss Sexy' slim black trousers which have been banned at Nailsea School while and Alex Dalby, 14, wears the correct trousers

Christine said: 'I was completely exasperated when Mr New called me at work.

'While I completely support the fact that he wants children to look smart I could not see how buttons are an 'unnecessary' item.

'He also said Abby's trousers were too tight but I pointed out that they looked that way as Abby has small legs.

'To put the students' image over their education is not great.'

Mr New said the row only concerns a 'small minority' of pupils and has given parents a month to buy new trousers or their children will face further punishment.

He said: 'We don't want trousers that are unduly tight because they show off the student's underwear when their jumpers aren't on.

'We don't want the fashion statement that these are making with the zips and buckles showing.

'We have given out information to parents and I have to say that we are down to a very small minority of students who are not towing the line. 'We don't think a logo that says Miss Sexy sends across the right message about our school or students.

'If students wear the wrong trousers they will be sent home to change. If they still don't change we have found a spare room for them to work in alone.'

Read more: ... z0TAf3TFQ7

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I'm kind of undecided on this...

On one hand, none of the trousers I see have anything wrong with them. While I agree that the logo "miss sexy" for school girls would be inappropriate, the rest doesn't seem too bad. I am one person who hates (and I do mean HATE) the "boot cut" legs on pants - like the girl on the right in the last pic) Those type of pants just irritate me and make my legs cold.

But on the other hand, a school dress code is a school dress code. If you don't like it, don't go to that school. Out in the real world, when you get a job, you usually have a dress code or a uniform. If you don't like it, you don't work there.

As for the "tightness" of a pair of pants, it's a known medical fact that tight pants on a girl can cause all kinds of medical issues. I'd think that some of the parents would concider this also. I also know that a pair of pants on me might not be tight, but put that same pair of pants on my sister and they would look rediculous and be uncomfortable because her body is shaped differently than mine.

With all of that being said, I gotta say, there are some girls/women in this world that just should be banned from wearing some of their clothes the way they do. LOL

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