Welcome to GrabbaJabba! We've created a friendly atmosphere where one can kick back and chat about a variety topics which range from intelligent to just plain fun. Think of us as you will as the friendly neighborhood hang out. More specifically, we are an international, multi-topic group whose focus is the lively exchange of ideas about subjects spanning all interests, including news, entertainment, sports, family life, and modern society. All in all, we're building a community of friends who may or may not have a difference of opinions, values and beliefs. We learn to put our judgments aside and just "get along". After all, this world needs a community like us. If you're interested in joining in on the fun; join us now!! Please DO review our "Purpose, Rules and Guidelines" to make sure we are the right fit for you. We assume once you join us, you've read through our "Purpose, Rules and Guidelines" as well as the PhpBB's agreement and plan to abide by them. We WILL take appropriate action if you decide to join for the purpose to spam, harass, and slander, or simply use our community to spread hate regarding race, religion, sex, and.or sexual preference. We also do not prescribe to any political affiliation, nor any specific religious denomination. As stated above, we're a friendly group, who are open to all opinions, values, and beliefs as long it's civil and respectful.

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