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In short, I am a quiet guy who keeps to himself. My outlet... I love to create. Whether it's music, my YouTube videos, writing or web designing, Ithoroughly enjoy spending my free time creating. If I am not creating, I also run a friendly and respectful community called GrabbaJabba. I love the idea that we can exchange ideas with people across theworld without having to leave one's home. But don't mistake me as just a homebody. I love to travel and have traveled to much of the United States,parts of Canada and Britain.

WilI teach throughout the week with special needs' kids. I've been doing this for over 10 years and have worked with all ages. It's a challengingjob, but rewarding at the same time. It does take a special kind of person to have the patience and determination as I have to do this job. There are days Ilove my job and then there are days I come home exhausted.

Music is a huge part of my life. If I am not making music, I am listening to it. My music interest is very broad. If I can pretty much enjoy it withoutsomeone screaming at me or using excessive profanity, I probably do like it. I feel that I am quite hip to the current music scene. With that said, I enjoy alot of great musicians of today and yesteryear. Check out my favorite entertainers on the left hand side of my profile.

Once again, thanks for visiting my profile. Keep an eye on my blog as I hope to update it more often when my thoughts, ideas and creations. Each week, Iusually upload a new video to Youtube and embed it here. I have an odd brand of humor sometimes. You will find much variety in my videos. Please do check out my YouTube channel. Subscribe and rate and leave comments on my videos too. I would appreciate it.

Have a great day,

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"It's been a great year, and a memorable one. I think it is remarkable that very little conflict has erupted on the community. I believe that is because our members do feel the atmosphere here and do understand it is a place for intelligent and lively discussion. I do believe they feel the relaxed atmosphere here and appreciate that as well. It turned out as we planned..."- Marilyn

There is no doubt that GrabbaJabba wouldn't be the fun and friendly atmosphere without the presence of Marilyn. She certainly knows how to host a party because that's what it feels like ever since GrabbaJabba opened it's doors.

When approached to open GrabbaJabba, both Marilyn and Wil were tired of the same usual politics that was brought upon their old collaborated community. They wanted to start anew and open a place with a "relaxed atmosphere" as if we all were sitting around chatting with old friends. They also wanted to focus more on music as both enjoy music immensely. Mission accomplished!!

MarilynMarilyn is a wise soul thirsting for knowledge, who not only can throw an awesome party, but can offer some sincerity and rationality to running a community. Her administration proves that lively and respectful conversations can take place on internet communities without drama and chaos. She and her partner Wil have maintained a rare feat among internet communities. You can be sure when one stumbles into GrabbaJabba, they will be allowed to freely share their perspective on a variety topics as long as it's civil and respectful. "It is a great community of people from all walks of life" - Marilyn.

In Marilyn's free time, she loves to paint, garden, design websites, listen to music, visit with friends and write. She also works as a nurse for a residential facility in the state of Indiana. There is no doubt her days are full of challenging triumphs as well as a sense of accomplishment in helping others in need.

We thank Marilyn for her dedication to GrabbaJabba and making it the fun and relaxing place it is. The place wouldn't be the same without her.

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I am your friendly, quirky moderator, and nutcase. :D lol No, but seriously....I love to laugh, be crazy, and have fun. Not much gets me wound up as a person or a moderator unless I see insults, bullying, and flaming. Yes, it's ok to disagree all you like. But, don't act like a child about it and please always give others some room for an opinion for however short or lengthy it is. "Toleration" and "Diversity" has always been 'key' for me in having a happy and popular forum. I know I will make mistakes along the way. But, I promise I will always give you the best that I can.

The only one thing I ask is to not write me only when there are forum issues or with Administrators, etc. Please write to the Administrators (see above). I will not play favorites, games, or gossip behind some people's back like some like to do when there is a problem or there is something or someone you don't like and/or agree with. So please don't go there and take it up with the source and root of your problem. Remember a "PM" to me on anything related to the forum, is a "PM" to the Administrators.

LisaOk, after getting all of that out of the way and in telling you a little about myself personally, I live on the cuff of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. I love to travel. I've seen ¾of the United States, Canada, and the UK. I can't wait to see more of the US and the world in the future as I think this is the best way one can educate themselves on all things versus any school.

I love music (mostly Pop, Electronic, Rock and some Rap...anything I can dance to) and the Pop culture in general. I love concerts, the theatre, movies, fashion, art, and dancing. I'm a people person and "World" will find me supporting all walks of life and every Country in the world as I feel we are all one in the same and no one country, people, or person is better than another. I'm a huge animal lover as well. Energetic to the "t" and sailing in the opposite direction of the crowd comes natural for me. lol But, I like my privacy, my independency, and quiet time too. A true "Aquarian" at heart in almost every sense of the word (not sure if that is good or bad though sometimes. lol).

Ok, that is it for now. Much love too All! Can't wait to see all of our friends and make new ones!! Here's to the new "GrabbaJabba".


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